When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

Revealing trace


Evident fingerprints everywhere 
Abandoned behind acts
   thoughts   or   sights

Presumed fingerprints right here
      the ones we tried to erase
      the ones others left
      the ones     ignored
      the ones forgotten
      the indelible ones

Good and bad fingerprints somewhere

silent tatoos with written confessions
oppressed feelings
explored laughts

Look  at  them !
Read the story

Which one did you erase?

_____Adriana Citlali

Written for Poetics ~ PuZZled | dVerse –Today Brian Miller challenged us to think and write about puzzles—jigsaw, crosswords, puzzling things, …

Author: Adriana Citlali Ramírez

A citizen of the world, born in Mexico city... A physicist (working as a geophysicist) and a part-time artist (creative writing, oil/acrylic painting, photography)… All posts, visual art, and poems ©Adriana Citlali Ramírez. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Revealing trace

  1. this is really cool adriana…fingerprints…our touches…they do tell a story, much like a puzzle…very cool take on the prompt….my fav part…

    silent tatoos with written confessions
    oppressed feelings
    explored laughts

    cool description of fingerprints…

  2. Thanks, Brian. I see these fingerprints as the puzzle of our own life, with known facts and traces everywhere.

  3. The traces people leave are, as you point out, so interesting – sometimes wanting attention for them, other times wanting to cover them. Very thoughtful poem. k.

  4. silent tatoos with written confessions… i like and we can surely trace back a life by the fingerprints someone leaves..

  5. I like this. Unanswered questions to finger prints that tell all. Nice take on the prompt.

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