When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

The end of this summer


Amelia strolls the streets of a foggy forest  
full of memories to collect –or not …

   ordinary solitude
   sporadic apathy

Amelia turns right on Spring St.

   unexpected connection
   exceptional passion
   anticipated deadline

Amelia crosses Stability St.

   unknown territory

Stop sign!


Amelia walks on Reality St.

_____Adriana Citlali

Author: Adriana Citlali Ramírez

A citizen of the world, born in Mexico city... A physicist (working as a geophysicist) and a part-time artist (creative writing, oil/acrylic painting, photography)… All posts, visual art, and poems ©Adriana Citlali Ramírez. All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “The end of this summer

  1. an interesting journey you take her on…and i like how you use the street names to accentuate the story…and how fast things can change crossing one street further…i think reality is a bit of all of that….

  2. very cool how you use the street names to make your point… for me it’s back to reality street as well today after the summer holidays…. i hope to find some crossings to dream street though every once and awhile…smiles

  3. I would love to spend some time on Spring Street. – but I guess it’s Monday morning – and time for Reality Street. I must agree with other commenters – the idea of using street names is brilliant

  4. Love the use of street names. Spring street sounds particularly intriguing. No reality street for me until Wednesday!

  5. Very creative with the street signs…I felt like I went on a little stroll with Amelia.

  6. It took me a long to determine that stop must mean go..

    to truly be free..

    to truly find reality

    in reality true…

    letting it flow..

    letting it all go…


    But yes it’s hard to do in prison of work..
    unless work is play with freedom now….
    a place of joy i love to stay!..:)

  7. This is so clever, Adriana…the tie in with the street signs and her progression. Much enjoyed.

  8. One tends to be distracted going through life! But invariably ‘Reality street’ will be right in front to bring one back to sanity. Nicely Adriana!


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