When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

The poetry of the untold


        Almost forgotten  
Waves hitting the corner of your eye   
Words refusing to leave your muted lips   
A touch you take for granted   

Every day   
  Each morning   
     Thru the whole night   

Sounds silenced by the background noise
by that noise –reminder of the relevant
   the atonal background that makes our life monotonous
   that makes us forget the music
   in the details   –vital subtleties deemed soundless

What is your silence?
What fills your day without recognition?
Is it    her    memory or your loneliness?
…   the warmness of the blanket?
…    the kindness in that dream?
Or just forced stillness in your thoughts?

Moments we decide to ignore
Experiences pushed deep into oblivion
Numbness inflicted to believe in the ordinary
Known conformity of the self who hides from oddity
Obstruction of the everyday outliers

        I’ll dream ethereal realities that can’t be forgotten
      I’ll take the risk, paint the canvas, unplug my ears

   But first
I’ll tell the memory, mute the silence, dance the walk, feel the touch!

_____Adriana Citlali


Poetics: In the Corner of Your Eye | dVerse

Author: Adriana Citlali Ramírez

A citizen of the world, born in Mexico city... A physicist (working as a geophysicist) and a part-time artist (creative writing, oil/acrylic painting, photography)… All posts and poems ©Adriana Citlali Ramírez. All rights reserved.

18 thoughts on “The poetry of the untold

  1. This is beautiful. I like thinking about the silences that fill our day. Sometimes, I think, I think our silences are more important than those things spoken. But yes, tomorrow is the time to paint that canvas, stop the silence, take that first step to give that silence voice.

  2. ah take that risk…paint the canvas and dream for sure….
    we need to take those risks to truly live…i like the structure of this as well with the bold words…

  3. paint and dream and keep taking risk… that’s a life full of color and interesting turns/hues..

  4. “But first I’ll tell the memory, mute the silence, dance the walk, feel the touch!”

    This says it all to me.. to awaken the heart filled spirit within..

    i do believe we can embrace the harder memories of the past.. long since repressed in emotional kind.. to truly process them finally to let them go..

    And then mute the silence of repressed emotions.. perhaps literally dancing the walk as emotion of complexity do live in the physiological body.. in nerve endings all about…

    And to repress emotions often results in somatic tension and pain.. instead of comfort of softer emotions in kind…when fully released.. and set free!

    And then finally to feel the touch.. to really feel the touch of others true.. in the social oxytocin warm ways of loving true…

    This process can take us back to that warm blanket.. a place of security in love..

    that can never be broken.. once it lives again within… to share with others..

    once again….

    These are the thoughts your words bring.. not sure if any of this applies to your life in a
    personal way.. but it certainly does for me..

    And to express these things in life.. are always a path of love.. to share with others…

    Freely.. as there is no telling what experience might help another one..

    In Inspiration along their path…

    to greater peace and passion for life..

    YES! in Freedom’s Light WE CAN dance the walk.. to Love Life!

  5. A beautiful exhortation to lives one’s life by… and you ask a great question: there is silence and silence. And the one I find most here in this poem is an enforced silence, the things we leave unspoken, the things we choose to ignore, what we take for granted- so how do we find the courage to name them?

  6. Well written and the last lines complete it nicely…I liken this to meditating and shutting out the rest of the noise

  7. This is so well written.. The progression to those final lines of change are great.. I like the fact you not only focus on the sight but the sound as well… very inspiring to read, and hope you’ll the paint that canvas with those little sounds.

  8. There’s hope in the hanging snore, and also in this poem. This was very pleasing to see, as although I have always found your poetry beautiful, expressive (in a general way) and full of a dark kind of passion, it has tended to feel rather unhappy/dissatisfied. Good to see some positivity alongside the beauty, albeit towards the end of the poem. Just an opinion. Keep up the good work, it puts my own rather adolescent scribblings to shame.

    • Thanks for stopping by and writing your thoughts. In one of the creative writing courses that I took in Mexico, a person with the last name Cosío Villegas (can’t remember his forename) said that: “poetry is not simply about the story of the writer, poetry is a device that illuminates something in the reader.” I am glad you find beauty (even if dark) in my words.

  9. each part could almost stand as a poem on its own. i like the first one, especially, and the way the whole has a hopeful ending.

  10. It felt luxurious when I was reading your poem aloud to myself. I love the way you used alliteration and similar sounds throughout. Lovely read.


  11. Great to be here now. You express the wish for that and the exuberance of it. k.

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