When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Not enough confusion

Stillness and silence were all I could hope for   …

Ancient words kept flying around.
Right behind my forehead, chaotic phonemes forcibly formed foreign words.
Hubo palabras huecas en idiomas conocidos.
Dissonant sounds were known incongruent words in disguise.
In between my ears, there was a constant resonance:
        a noisy   CRY   for silence.
Under my lips: accents and exclamation marks.

Silence failed me!

Words lacked meaning.

…   there was not enough confusion in any language that could explain mine.

_____Adriana Citlali

Today Brian asked us a question at dVerse: Does language fail?


On writing a poem

You: How do you write a poem without knowing what to say?          

I start by attempting that impossible silence in my head    
while your question bounces with varying emphasis     
filling in that luxurious void so hard to come by    

The bounces start changing frequency    
sometimes they go into resonance    
sometimes they touch chaos    

Their fractals get confused and mutate into new words    
sounds under my hair that do not always make sense    

Then comes the conscious mind    
trying to understand the patterns in those sounds    
Out comes a verse stamped onto the white screen    
–white paper     occasionally    

A verse follows a verse
like those bounces with a question mark
A stanza is formed        somehow  
followed by a second, third, sometimes a fourth one    
That silly conscious self comes back and deletes half of the words  

The tempo changes  
a short silence feels my spirit  

Some verses exchange places    
 some   get distorted  
others transmute into a butterfly or a frog   

An even shorter

Followed by dismissal of more words 

A thorough read 

More chaos 


A poem has been written! 

_____Adriana Citlali


It’s open link night again, my poet friends. Join us at Week 124 | dVerse.