When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


A black bird




A black bird covers the day
with butterfly wings
  in a hug surrounding the sky


It’s space between two bodies
when the distance disappears


Finding colors in the absence
Feeling contact in a sign


The wings open the exit of dreams
Nobody wants to return

_____Adriana Citlali

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I let you go

I thought you were about to leave
      I was wrong

I cried
A bit too much
Perhaps too little

I cried      for three years
Until that day
when you didn’t buy the rose
when we knew it was too late

A mistake at once
a milestone at sight

I let you go
I let me go


_____Adriana Citlali

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Seagulls crying

Pas de Deux

At the center of the day
                                  I  saw   you
    with your good-looking suit
  waiting for me

I’ve been waiting for you   too

  Today is the moment
when we heal our   wounds
Remove the mirrors from our eyes
                           throw them   away

No more reflections of our own image
    in each others eyes
We’ll see through

We need to hurry
Join our hands with the movement
of a silent kiss

            I do love the way you   dance


Pas de deux

Definition from Britannica Concise Encyclopedia:

Dance for two performers. A characteristic part of classical ballet, it includes an adagio, or slow dance, by the ballerina and her partner; solo variations by the male dancer and then the ballerina; and a coda, or conclusion, with both partners dancing together to display their virtuosity. Celebrated pas de deux occur in Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and Giselle.

Definition from Dictionary of Dance:
A dance for two, a duet. In classical ballet there are also pas de trois, pas de quatre, and pas de six, for three, four, and six dancers respectively. The classical pas de deux follows a traditional pattern: an entrée and adagio for the ballerina and her cavalier, a variation for the male dancer, a variation for the female dancer, and a final coda which reunites the partners. A classical pas de trois is usually for one male and two female dancers and follows the traditional pattern of the pas de deux.

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When rain cannot embrace aridity

Rain outside

The room
the air
Brown foliage ready for fire
Dilated eyes tired of nothing

Sharp rhythms and rain outside

A candle dries her visions

Petals thinking in red
Begging for heat

She is not here
The air withers her spirit
Fades her passion

Brown pupils loosing control
Falling into pieces
Like dead flowers touched by the wind

The lightning is far
The noise
                  right here

Rain is not outside


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                  After all these barriers

                  After all these deaths

I’m standing right here
in front of the gloom
holding this flower

Awaiting the sun once again
Pretending dark is the effect of an old eclipse

The dusk surrounds me
                      trying to shade my eyes

I have made a decision
I’ll trust in the sun
and its ephemeral or perpetual blaze

Knowing  it  will  glow  again
To  cover  the  fields  with  green  light
To  paint  orange  flowers  of  death


Cempoalxóchitl is the náhuatl name of the Mexican Marigold flower dedicated to death since prehispanic times. For more information, you can read:
Living in Mexico: Our Mexican Marigolds – Cempoalxochitl, the Flower of the Dead,
CIASP Diary: Flower of the Dead,
Days of the Dead.