When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…

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Who will whisper to you?

A poem by Anne Birgitte Vestheim J.

Today he will proclaim his love to you. He will bring you flowers, treat you like a queen, talk about your beauty, open his heart, and tell you about the light you bring into his life.

But who will whisper to you about the secrets?

I will. Your sister will. I will tell you about the source.

Woman, you find your MAGIC in the silence.
In the pause between your breaths.
In the suspension between the lines of a poem.
In that moment between life and death.

Woman, your POWER lies in your flow.
The flow of your soul.
The flow of your heart.
When you discover that one tiny brightly flower in the midst of the forest.
When you turn around just in time to capture the rainbow over the city.

Woman, you find your STRENGTH in your vulnerability.
When you cannot hide anymore the truth of who you are.
When you stand naked before the world.
You become unbeatable ´cause you know who you are.
‘Cause you dare to be.

These are our secrets.

This is my whisper to you.


The other day, I was having a drink with friends (after a professional women networking event) and the topic of Valentine’s day popped up. I mentioned that, in Mexico, 14th of February is referred to as the day of love and friendship. There were periods in my life when it was more important to celebrate with my friends that with whoever I was in a romantic relationship. As a young woman in Mexico, I often said that friends are forever, and forever is not always true for boyfriends/partners/significant-others. Anyway, these delightful women and I decided to celebrate friendship day in Oslo, and exchange chocolates and words (as I used to do with my friends in my younger years). Anne wrote the poem above as her Valentine word contribution. I found it inspiring and beautifully crafted, so I asked Anne to publish it here. She gracefully accepted.

If you want to read more by my guest writer, visit her blog: Mrs My Heaven – – the secret path to pleasure.


Adriana Citlali



Permission to dream

– Writing to the Art of Danny Gregory –a combination of polished and spontaneous creation | at dVerse Poets Pub

©Danny Gregory 2013

©Danny Gregory 2013

The monk said I shall remove all thoughts
                                          all moods
                                          all colours
   … a blank mind  

      Eyelids closed
      Vocal chords relaxed
      Arms not comfortable
I change position            Concentrate
   … blank mind    
              not everything is white
              should it be white?

      Follow my breathing
   … blank mind    
               is that tune a bolero?
      Noiseless breathing
   … blank mind !!!    
   … blank mind ! !    
   … blank mind !    

…               waves touch my body

               soft sand slipping through my fingers
              the sun is warm
              blue sky


      Eyelids closed
      Noiseless breathing
      Willingness to forget all thoughts
   … blank mind           ocean
      Comfortable position
   … blank mind    

     Maybe emptiness is black
   … black mind           children laughing
     Maybe emptiness is dark
   … dark mind           not dark enough
     Face on my pillow
   … dark mind           darker?
     Eyelids tightly closed
   … dark mind           darker
   … dark mind           
   … dark

    …           waves

              blue sky

              I run & smile

              blue sky

              I fly


   … magic mind        …       I dream        …

_____Adriana Citlali