When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Amelia and the fall

The underground’s entrance is a clown’s mouth   

Amelia thought of the path she used to walk   
         eternal afternoons   
         blissy oblivion   
         shiny silence   
Then came the fall –she whispered — & death   

Mysterious smile   

Two days ago she longed for that path
     yearned for its scent
     missed the idea of it
     or so she thought

 _ DiStortEd nostalgia __

Yesterday she stumbled upon the entrance
      where she drew a cat
         where he drew a box
           to shelter her mark

Expired unreality

A lonely cat was there
    facing the snow and the rain
    unprotected    smiling under an absent cover
    not suspecting      its own delusion

Failed utopia

Amelia shed a tear —I need to see a box?   It was here!  Right here!     Right   h e r e
Erase this non-existence!    Let it appear!    Let me be  blind!  let  me  forget
Let that single memory be real!  Let  
–Amelia … — AHHHHHHH!

A past that might had never occurred lies under the eyes of a clown

_____Adriana Citlali

Open Link Night #145 | dVerse.


Who are you?

© Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2008

© Adriana Citlali Ramírez 2008

I saw you in the front cover of a magazine  
and wondered who you are    

Your photographer’s name is mentioned  
in an article signed with its author’s name    
         Your  photo  is   there
           the camera’s brand
             the lens
           light conditions
               all is clearly detailed

You  remain  nameless
    &       yet  so  intriguing

                 Who are you?
                  Why do you cover your mouth?
                                         What do you hide?

Your eyes have a secret
                    obvious & vague

I decide to forget you
I do          somehow
                 maybe months

Until I see you again
in that empty land
walking without hesitation
with a sparkle in your eyes
           You are not scared
           maybe concerned or simply happy

Your hands still cover your mouth
                                Is there a smile behind?
                 A word that won’t be expressed?
                         Are you whispering a wish?
             Is there something in your hands?

You intrigue me
make me wonder
       I have to draw you
            solve the mystery
            by deconstructing a moment frozen in a photo
            extract its contrasts
            place strokes       simple lines
            of carbon   on paper
            black and white

I frame the drawing
place it somewhere in my living room
forget about you

Until I see you again
                 Who are you?
You  remain  nameless
                         Are you whispering a wish?
Your eyes have a secret
You intrigue me
                         I wonder why …

_____Adriana Citlali

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