When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Surrounded by news

Spring weather in winter.
Fisherman lands monster catfish.
Why you should care about deflation.
 –Amelia turns the page.

Fog in St Petersburg.
Lost Sherlock Holmes story discovered.
Get ready for $10 oil.
 –Amelia reads the article.

Winter wonderland in the south.
The beauty of a five-mile rainbow.
U.S. drone-attacks Yemen.
 –Amelia sips her coffee.

Brazil priest falls in grave while praying at burial
Science explains the dress-color debate.
Bosses learn not to be so clueless.
 –Amelia is overwhelmed by indifference.
   Amelia is surrounded by news.

_____Adriana Citlali


News of the day

October 22    

I wait for you at the fountain across the theatre    
A street-violinist plays “Cielito Lindo”    
I can’t but think about forty three Mexican students missing in Guerrero    
              thousands of deaths    –the North America drug war
          a world happy with Mexico’s oil privatisation
       Mexico to open a new embassy in Oslo
                     to seek inspiration in Norway’s oil strategy
        downturn in the world’s energy sector
       Total’s CEO dying today in a Moscow plane crash
What a mess!


Our eyes smile
I pack thoughts & phone in my bag
You greet me with a hug
We stroll the city        discuss lunch


An eastern-european woman begs at the corner
where local policemen practice street combat
Oslo police does not carry guns
We smoke a cigarette        share some news


People texts and walks in the rain
Most locals wear skinny jeans and flat shoes
This city hasn’t seen the sun for many days
Has the world seen it?

_____Adriana Citlali

NY Times 43 Missing Students, a Mass Grave and a Suspect: Mexico’s Police