When space is silence…

Words, sounds, and space…


Shades of silence

A  song  cycles  incessantly  through  this  penumbra
   The midnight glow left that day
                                     scared    by  a  stranger

Unfitting ending of  a  startling night
Prelude of a labyrinthic chat

I left you that dawn
There was    perplexity in your eyes
                      disturbance in mine

It wasn’t confusion that crushed clouds into thunderstorm
It wasn’t my body    disheartened by your words
Nor    the discussion you wrongly forgot

Unfitting closure of  a  labyrinthic yarn
Prelude of a divergent path

The shades of silence are to blame
   All  colours    we left out
   A  touch    that was not felt


_____Adriana Citlali

Written for Seeking Some Shade Today? | dVerse


**Psychedelic anticipation

Intermittent blue-brightness
  Unsteady sparkles
*  *  *  Fluorescent flashes   *  *

Insomniac Amelia pretends to sleep

Blaring lines propagate inside closed eyelids
Dizzying roller-coaster glow-rides

Amelia deep-dives in psychedelic night

Gleaming clock-light marks minutes
      with brassband effusion

Confusion      *     Distortion
   Moody hallucinations

Exhausted, Amelia decides to STOP
*    *  Electric spirals fight her desires
Amelia imposes a waltz dance
  *     A rainbow-on-acid offers a ride

Amelia thinks of dawn

Monettian smoothness

Satie-an soft-piano      fades  away

Amelia sleeps…

_____Adriana Citlali

dVerse Poets Pub –today’s word is dawn.


For just one night

I loved you for just one more night
You came in that dream after our journey
     –the long one    walking apart

Edginess in our exchange
Expectation      maybe fog

Night-wine    seven candles    two glasses
Utopian hours    dismissed distance
unrestrained ecstasy

Though it ends      again

_____Adriana Citlali

Source: A quadrille (44 words) to celebrate dVerse’s 5th anniversary!


It’s time

You probably forgot  
that late January   or February  
  a year        or ten                  or a century ago  

Dream-like memory
                    a bad one

It’s time to go   –You dressed up      (for me?       maybe)
                   good-looking coat & hat
                  That winter coat we bought one summer
                  purchased                  never worn    before
                  You knew I liked it

I wondered   if you listened
          if my words were spoken
Was I confused       by chaos          imminent change?

Voice & sound remained absent
There was snow on the ground
I knew the truth
we were         not together   anymore

A night with friends  
not-a-date         just together    somehow

                 Mixed-up drinks          –ours
               Bewildering remarks          –yours

 Silent smiles  (forced)          puzzle sights  (transparent)     –mine

Did  you    reject those  words?
  Can   I      retract?

 We shared a bed that night
 Voiceless dreams     dug our hearts     –or mine
 At dawn    no words
__ we knew the truth __     –or I

_____Adriana Citlali

Open Link Night #144 | dVerse


Then you are!

23:59 — February 18 2030   

Here I am   
Then        you are   

So innocent     you     I?   

I remember holding this same letter   
                           (a weird object)   
                      questioning its authenticity   

Here I am     writing it now   
                      feeling stuck in an anticausal reality
                       — your possible future

Should I tell you about the sky of your tomorrow?
Shall you be protected from tears to come?
                           (Will the joy still follow?)

Here I am     thinking of me     thinking of you
with the power to change it all        to open the alternative path
                                                                (to write a Pandora letter)   

Though    I can             I won’t

                                                   (I wonder how it started to exist in the first place)
                                                           (Was it when I read it first      as you are reading it then?)
                                                            (Or when I wrote it     as I am writing it now?)
                                                             (Was I joking when I first wrote     I remember holding this same letter)

I want you to read the words in my memory  

About today    
  The moon still shines at night
  You are happy
  The path is worth walking      once more  & again
           I would not exchange any tear
                    a single laugh
                    or a casual jump

Here’s your homework
  Can you walk the same path and be as happy as I am?
  If so   burn this letter the night I burnt it     so I can get to write it today

Here’s a clue
  If your future can be the same as mine
  you walked to the balcony and looked at the stars
  right after reading my question about tomorrow’s sky

Here’s the catch
  Can you memorize these words?
  Do you think I did?

Thinking of me     thinking of you

_____Adriana Citlali

Written for Poetics @dVerse.
Have you ever imagined receiving a letter or poem from your future self?